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Operations management

The world of brokerage operations continues to change and grow more complex, and we’re not just talking about back office administrative procedures (although that's certainly a component that we can manage on your behalf). In an industry where seasonal revenue streams and highly specialized tasks are unavoidable aspects of doing business, it's important to regularly review and evaluate these practices in order to gain efficiency. And as opportunities grow, so does risk. That’s where we come in. Our team specializes in strategies that optimize available staff and resources to achieve the goals of the organization, regardless of its size.

leadership training

Are you a boss, or a leader? There is a distinct difference in that a boss leads by directive while a leader leads by example. Our firm provides the tools and mentoring you need to ensure that you are setting the best possible example for your employees. They will look to you to effectively lead your organization into an unknown future, and we want you to be fully prepared and confident in doing so. We are advocates of continuing education and believe that even the greatest leaders can benefit from training modules, resources, and coaching designed to help refine their leadership skills.


Compliance requirements are constantly evolving, so brokers must learn to adapt quickly.  Rules are open to wide interpretation, lending to the comparison that the industry is run a lot like the Wild, Wild West. We strive to anticipate these changes and research the most effective ways to address them, so that you can focus more on building your business.  We also offer system check-ups to evaluate your current level of compliance, as well as provide support during the resolution of any DRE issues. Coupled with our Risk Management resources, we ensure your business is positioned for success.

risk management

Risk management is as much an art as a science. There is no sure way to ensure that future loss or liability will not occur, but we strategically work to minimize the likelihood through best practices in record-keeping, policy development, and procedure documentation. Our firm provides systems and resources designed to protect all parties involved including: policy and procedure manuals, broker checklists, listing and sales guides, and a variety of other collateral material used throughout the transaction process. We always strive to stay two steps ahead of the next challenge.

Employee relations

As your organization becomes poised for rapid growth, it may be time to consider expanding your human resources. Remember, if you are master of all, you are expert at none. We believe the greatest value lies in quality over quantity of staff, which is why we help clients craft a clear and effective employee relations strategy that includes detailed hiring policies, job descriptions, and employee conduct expectations. We are also able to implement programs designed to ensure a healthy work environment, as well as promote team-building and effective communication between staff and upper management.

business coaching and accountability

The startup and small business marketplace is a dynamic and exciting new frontier that can also present a minefield of challenges. The wise business owner focuses on strategy before action, and seeks the counsel of industry veterans that are familiar with the landscape and can assist with navigation. Our firm believes in providing a comprehensive approach to strategy mapping as well as ongoing business coaching and accountability partnerships so clients gain the best competitive advantage and position themselves for rapid growth. Consider us your partner on the road to success, as we are as invested in yours as we are in our own.